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Are you looking for a Pure-bred Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy?


AN ANKC register breeder must abide by the Code of Ethics.

The majority of ANKC breeders are responsible ethical and experienced breeders who offer generations of health tested bloodlines and pedigree information. ANKC registered breeders are the ONLY Internationally recognised registry offering certified certificates of purebred dogs. Please do not get confused with registered breeders from MDBA, PBA and other ‘pop-up” registered bodies. Registered with a local Authority = Council only means that the dog and its microchip is registered – not the pedigree.

Questions to ask breeders:

1. Why are you breeding?

2. What health tests have the parents had?

3. Can I see the health records? Do I receive a copy of the parent’s health tests with the puppy?

4. What age is the mother?

5. How many times has the bitch been bred?

6. Have the puppies been checked for dermoid sinus?

7. Has the vet checked for non-descended testicles?

8. Has the vet checked for heart murmurs?

9. Has the vet checked eyes for entropion?

10. Has the vet checked for hernias

11. Is there a feeding guide and info on raising a puppy supplied?

12. If a problem arises with my puppy can I call on you for support?

13. What happens if my dog is diagnosed with a hereditary disease?

14. Does the puppy come with an agreement?

15. Am I able to visit your premises at a suitable time?

16. How many litters do you breed per year?

17. Am I able to see the mother? [The sire maybe owned by the breeder or may belong to someone else or maybe an AI (artificially inseminated) litter, so it is not always possible to meet the sire.]

Listed are the basic standard Health tests carried out by the majority of ANKC Registered Breeders.

• Hip and elbow (AVA scored or Penn-hip)

• DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)

• JME (Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy)

DNA genetic screening

Beware of “Backyard breeders”, “Puppy Farmers/merchants”, “Non ANKC Registered Breeders” & “Unethical Breeders”. In most cases you cannot guarantee the bloodlines or if they are purebred, nor health tested, no breeder support and in some cases you will not even be offered a feeding guide. In most cases these breeders are only interested in monetary gain.

No puppy, no matter where it comes from, can be sold under 8 weeks of age.

Dermoid Sinus is the most common issue. PLEASE make sure puppies have been check by someone who has had experience in detecting a DS.

To check that a breeder is “officially registered” start with the Controlling body in each State: DOGS NSW, DOGS ACT, DOGS QUEENSLAND, DOGS VICTORIA, DOGS TASMAINIA, DOGS SA, DOGS WEST, DOGS NT, Also, QLD, NSW, VIC, SA & WA all have a Rhodesian Ridgeback Club in their own state where further information is available.

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